Green Turning

• Wood selected is from local trees native to northern Ohio.

• The process requires the pieces be turned twice to complete a finished bowl.

• The first rough turning is done with the wood being fresh cut, or what is known as green wood. The wood is still full of moisture and turns relatively easily.

• This first turning is preformed using the 1/8 of an inch to an 1 inch of diameter rule. For a final 8 inch diameter bowl the wall thickness would be 1 inch during this turning.

• The rough turned bowl is then soaked in denatured alcohol for 24 hours. This is called an Alcohol Drying Method.

• After the soaking process the bowl is removed from the alcohol. The exterior is wrapped in brown paper and than put on a grate-like shelf to dry bottom side up.

• As the wood drys it distorts differently depending on the natural grain structure. During this drying process the round shape of the bowl is distorted most of the time into an oval shape.

• Once the wood is completely dry, which takes a minimum of two weeks for most average size turnings, it is ready for the final turning.

• It is then put back on the lathe to be turned the second time. This final turning will turn the oval shaped back into the round shape of the final product.

By using the alcohol drying method a finish bowl could be completed from fresh cut green wood to finish dried bowl in as little as two weeks. Using this process reduces the cracking and splitting that is common in the regular air drying process.